Local Weather and Information

Torbay weather details

Torbay Weather

Follow this link for details of what’s happening right now in the Bay.

Temperature, wind chill, wind direction, wind speed.

Humidity, pressure, rainfall, rain rate, cloud base.

Tide times

Tide times

See the tide times and graphs for Torbay for up to 12 weeks ahead.

Met Office logo

Met Office Weather Summary

Here’s the weather summary we use in our watchtower, issued by the Met Office on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

You’ll get wind, sea state, weather, visibility, tides and sunrise and sunset – all on one page!

And here’s the Met Office’s seven-day forecast.

Wave height

Wave Height

Find out more about how heavy the sea is in the Bay and current sea temperatures.

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Who’s In The BayWho's In The Bay?


Local Weather and InformationLocal weather and information


VHF marine radio

Call us on Channel 65 for radio checks and the weather details.

Radio - VHF Channel 65
Inshore Waters forecast

BBC Weather Inshore Waters

Here’s the inshore and coastal water forecast for the area from Lyme Regis to Lands End, provided by the BBC.

Wind forecast

Windy TV

Windy TV provides interactive weather forecasting services.

Weather radar, wind and waves forecast for kiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, sailors and anyone else.

Shipping Forecast

BBC Weather Shipping Forecast

Here’s the shipping forecast, provided by the BBC.

Weather dials from other local NCI stations

NCI Exmouth - Dials

Weather Dials Exmouth NCI

Prawle Point Weather Dials

Weather Dials Prawle Point NCI

Weather Dials Froward Point

Weather Dials Froward Point NCI

NCI Teignmouth Weather Dials

Weather Dials Teignmouth NCI


Use www.marinetraffic.com to see what’s about in the Bay.

It’ll include all vessels that carry an automatic identification system (AIS) transponder and have it switched on.

As well as an overview of the traffic in the area, select individual vessels to see their planned route, speed and course, and details of the vessel itself.

Who's in the bay

If you can see a sailing boat in the Bay, but it doesn’t appear on Marine Traffic, something hasn’t gone wrong.

The sailing boat probably doesn’t have an AIS transponder. Most pleasure craft don’t.

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